When Life Happens...

We're here for you.
We want you to succeed.
We want you to be free.

100,000 people in the Rogue Valley are at risk of losing their homes.

  • Nearly half of all households in the US are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Mercy's Gate helps helps to provide resources and community connections.
  • Funding from churches & donors allows Mercy's Gate to offer assistance beyond just meeting immediate needs.


Join a network of churches pooling resources to effectively serve those in need throughout the Rogue Valley.


Experience transformation in your own life by coming alongside a Mercy’s Gate Client.


Make a direct impact on the Rogue Valley. Every dollar of your donation goes directly to local families in need.

About Mercy's Gate

Who We Are

Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley uplifts and empowers those at risk of displacement by offering resources, community connections, and creative strategies for long term stability.